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Gratfon & Koch Hair

Haircut & Shampoo

The Directors Cut £55.00

60 Minutes

Senior Stylist £50.00

Stylist £39.00

45 Minutes

Dads & Lads (UNDER 12) £65.00

45 & 30 Minutes

Under 18’s £38.00

45 Minutes

Under 12’s (Dry Cut) £30.00

30 Minutes

Haircut & Micromist Hair Conditioning & Scalp Scrub Treatment £60.00

Micro Mist treats damaged hair more effectively than other steamers to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that permeate deep into hair follicles. smooth and relaxing, effective treatment for hair in Minutes

Head Shave £45.00

45 Minutes
A head shave performed with an open razor and hot towels

Relaxing Clipper Trim & Shampoo with Head Massage £34.00

30 Minutes

Shampoo & Blow dry £25.00

25 Minutes
A shampoo, blow dry and product application by one of our stylists

Colour Camo £35.00

30 Minutes
With the Redken For Men Colour Camo custom grey camouflage service, your stylist can help you look years younger—all in under 15 mins!

Gratfon & Koch Beards & Shaves

The Grafton & Koch Luxury Shave £60.00

60 Minutes
A celebration of the traditional shave, mini-facial, scrub, deep cleanse, rehydration and massage, abundant hot towels with cooling ice tonic treatment. 60 minute journey to heaven and back. An experience not to be missed.

Designer Stubble Trim & Finish £15.00

15 Minutes

Designer Beard Trim & Finish £25.00

25 Minutes

The Grafton & Koch Luxury Beard Groom £30.00 Short – £35.00 Medium – £40.00 Long

30-40 Minutes
The ultimate Good for your soul beard grooming, Design shape & Finish,mini-facial, scrub, deep cleanse, rehydration conditioning and massage, abundant hot towels with cooling ice tonic treatment.an experience not to be missed .

Moustache Trim & Finish £15.00

15 Minutes
Trimming and shaping the moustache.

We’re lucky enough to have one of the best men’s styling teams in the capital at Grafton&Koch. Whether you are after a timeless classic or fashion-forward restyle, or just the most luxurious pampered hot towel wet shave we will deliver making you and your hair look and feel perfect.