At Grafton & Koch we understand that a man feels on top form when a proper grooming regime is implemented into his life . Not all men get around to doing enough to help themselves look and feel the best they can be.
Founded on the principles of giving men the ultimate holistic experience, based on years of practice, we pride ourselves in providing the modern man with the most professional tailored, confidential and friendly service. Whether you suffer with stress, back pain, skin problems or simply need revitalisation, we are pleased to offer the latest and very best male therapy treatments and advice available.


Oxygen 02 facial £130.00

5 x sessions (a saving of 15%)  £552.50

10 x sessions (a saving of 30%)  £900

60 Minutes
Pure oxygen is airbrushed onto the skin at a high pressure to rejuvenate and give the skin a more instant radiant glow. Designed to iron out facial lines and reduce the stress that cases them.This will leave you looking younger. This treatment is performed by our qualified Aesthetician. There are four treatment options each serum featuring a targeted blend of hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, antioxidants, peptides or vitamins.
The chosen infusion is first sprayed on your skin and then the oxygen is delivered via an airbrush style gun permitting a continuous flow of 90 to 95% pure oxygen under hyperbaric pressure this enhances the absorption of the Serums into the skin so you benefit more from the ingredients. oxygen is also naturally antibacterial and has a calling calming effect.
This treatment is completely non painful and very relaxing and cooling.


Diminish The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles Whilst Enhancing Overall Hydration


Helps uneven skin tones look brighter and more luminous


Calms Acne Restoring Moisture Balance And Defending The Skin Against Future Outbreaks


A needle free Botox alternative that helps soften and firm expression lines, define the icon tall and plump lips.

G&K Tailored Facial £80

45 Minutes
The perfect facial to address specific skin requirements.
Whatever your facial needs may be -deep cleansing, hydrating, toning, balancing or nourishing our Aesthetician will be able to work with you offering the best solutions, support and advice to treat your face and obtain and maintain optimum results to boost your overall skin complexion for smoother and more radiant skin which will leave you looking younger.


Grafton & koch specialise in massage for men. We are experienced in working with men’s muscular bodies and have the techniques to get deep into the muscle tissue. A Massage session is just what you need to de-stress, release mental and physical tension, increase your energy levels and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Swedish Massage 1 hour – £85  45 Minutes – £65  30 Minutes – £50

As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart leaving you feeling rested and invigorated.

Indian Head Massage 1 hour – £85  45 Minutes – £65  30 Minutes – £50

Indian head massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. It’s a deep massage, which uses a variety of pressure techniques that tap into your seven “‘chakras” or paths of energy and encourages healing and balance.By stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen in your upper body this massage clears sinuses, relieves stress, helps aid better sleep, cures headaches, migraine, eye strain and anxiety, an Indian head massage can also help enhance concentration at work
And will leave you feeling happier and more relaxed all round.

Deep Tissue Massage

This works on the deeper muscles within your body, and your therapist uses slower firmer strokes than normal massage. If you have a particular area of tension and strain then we can concentrate the massage on those particular areas using deep finger pressure.

Deep Tissue full body £80

1 Hour

Deep Tissue Head and back Massage £60

45 Minutes

Deep Tissue Express neck and shoulder £45

30 Minutes

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Hot stone therapy massage uses heated smooth flat stones placed on key positions on the body. Your therapist will hold the stone and use it to massage particular areas of your body .The stones are placed usually on specific points, the back, palms of the hand, and between the toes.

Hot Stone Therapy – Full body £85

1 Hour

Hot Stone Therapy – Head and back £65

45 Minutes

Hot Stone Therapy – Neck and shoulder £50

30 Minutes

Hand, leg and foot massage £45

30 Minutes

Hand, leg and foot massage £60

45 Minutes

Manscaped Waxes

The art of manscaping with our bespoke male waxing treatments
We give a consultation before to ensure the best results tailored for each individual.
Our manscape treatments are tailored to look natural, we can shape and clip your hair on your chest or stomach to suit the style that you desire and blend hair in so it gives more of a natural appearance.
Hot waxing also available on request with an additional £20.00 for each treatment.
G&K use a Pre-wax cleanser and A soothing post wax antiseptic moisturiser with all wax treatments.

Chest £40

A longer lasting, stubble free alternative to standard shaving, G&K Chest wax includes up to the front part of the shoulders, removes hair from the root and leaves skin with a soft sheen, after application of our post wax oil or moisturising lotion is applied.

Stomach £50

Abdominal area below the rib line to the pant line.

Shoulders £40

A longer lasting, stubble free alternative to standard shaving, the G&K shoulder wax includes the deltoids (very top of arms), removes hair from the root and leaves skin with a soft sheen, after application of our post wax oil or moisturising lotion is applied.

Full Back £50 Full £30 Lower or upper

A longer lasting, stubble free alternative to smoother skin, G&K full back wax includes from the neckline of a t shirt down to the pant line, removes hair from the root and leaves skin with a soft sheen, after application of our post wax oil or moisturising lotion is applied.

Legs £120 full-length £70 lower £80 upper

Perfect for the athlete. Using a hot wax with our most pain-free technique.

Arms £40 half arm £60 full arm

Get rid of unwanted hair for a cleaner feel and look.

Ears (hot wax only) £15

Get rid of any unwanted hair on and around the ear, fast and effective ensuring the hair grows back less over time.

Neck £20

Get rid of any unwanted hair around the back of the neck from the bottom of the hairline to the base of the shoulders, fast and effective ensuring the hair grows back less over time.

Nose (hot wax only) £15

This quick treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and able to breath clearer buy removing any unwanted hairs at the base of the nostrils nearest the lips.

Sports Price on consultation

A full body wax includes all the above

Executive Manicure & Sports Pedicure

Executive Manicure £25

20 Minutes

The perfect solution for tired hands and nails, before that important meeting. A therapeutic manicure using a combination of exfoliation and paraffin wax to give neat, groomed nails and smoother skin.

Sports Pedicure £45

40 Minutes

The average man takes 18,000 steps each day!  Mens feet can take quite a battering and are often neglected in their grooming ritual.This prescriptive treatment leaves your feet feeling refreshed and revitalised leaving you with presentable feet ready for a day of sports or that week at the beach or whatever the occasion.